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Apprenticeship training course

Mortuary technician (level 3)

Ensure the effective operation of the mortuary and to assist colleagues in providing dignified care of the deceased.

Qualification level
Equivalent to A level.
Typical duration
18 months
Apprenticeship category
Health and science
Maximum funding
Maximum amount government will fund
for apprenticeship training.
Also known as
  • Anatomical pathology technologist
  • Embalming assistant
  • Mortuary assistant
  • Mortuary technician
Skills an apprentice will learn
  • Follow safe operating procedures to monitor and maintain the safety and hygienic condition of equipment and mortuary
  • Organise the repair and replacement of faulty / damaged equipment if necessary
  • Complete all relevant documents for each deceased in line with organisational system requirements reporting any discrepancies to the appropriate person
  • Carry out opening checks to ensure mortuary environment is safe and ready for use
  • Carry out stock rotation, control and replenishment in line with organisational systems and procedures
  • Order supplies as required within limits of authority
  • Carry out correct identification of the deceased, checking condition and recording personal effects and details on organisational database/system as required
  • Triage the deceased by assessing, prioritising and carrying out initial care as necessary and permitted within scope of practise
  • Complete on-going assessments, acting on and communicating any issues arising
  • Monitor the available spaces and communicate to line manager in line with organisational procedures
  • Complete necessary risk assessments on equipment and mortuary environment as required in line with organisational procedures
  • Dispose of or return soiled items according to legislation and organisational procedures
  • Carry out cleaning and disinfection processes in the care of the deceased according to client wishes
  • Prioritise workload to meet business and client demands
  • Demonstrate the use of communication methods, tools and skills, adapting technique and style to suit the individual
  • Monitor the progress of the deceased through the mortuary area reporting any issues to the appropriate person
  • Carry out quality checks at every interaction with the deceased
  • Carry out cleaning schedule in line with organisational requirements, reporting any issues to the appropriate person
  • Assist other colleagues within the mortuary environment as and when required
  • Apply manual handling and safe working practices in the completion of duties
  • Prepare the deceased for release and complete final quality checks before the deceased leaves the mortuary
  • Monitor the standard of care within the mortuary, identifying training and development needs and reporting to the appropriate person
  • Identify areas for self-development and maintain continuous professional development
  • Demonstrate and share best practice with the team
  • Prioritise workload considering initial assessment of the deceased, business, family members and client requirements, timescales and collaborate with the wider team
  • Accurately measure the deceased considering size and weight implications, communicate any concerns to the appropriate person
  • Prepare the deceased for embalming
  • Support the embalmer in the embalming process
  • Carry out preparation of the deceased for example, washing, feature setting, orifice packing, dressing, application of cosmetics, personal grooming and any specific individual requirements respecting religious and cultural beliefs
  • Implement family-specific and cultural needs and wishes
  • Carry out identification and personal effect checks at every interaction with the deceased
  • Prepare the deceased for post-mortem examination
  • Carry out external examination of the deceased
  • Carry out evisceration and dissection of the deceased under the direction of supervisory staff
  • Carry out examination of dissected organs and structures
  • Carry out reconstruction of the deceased following post-mortem examination
  • Carry out procedures for tissue retrieval and recording under the direction of supervisory staff

Full information on Mortuary technician (level 3) is available from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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